RadioBNC is a simple app that combines audio streams, live-updating playlists, and program schedules for five excellent Boston-area noncommercial radio stations.

You can browse, discover, and listen to WZBC, WMFO, WHRB, WMUA, and WMBR from anywhere in the world, all in one convenient app.

A few screenshots:

Listen to Live Streams

View Recent Playlists

View Song Details

Check Program Schedules

update 16 Mar 2011: RadioBNC has now been downloaded by more than 100 people. Thanks for your support! You can send feedback or suggestions to us via, via Twitter, or by leaving a review on the App Store.

update 18 Feb 2011: You can now Download RadioBNC from the App Store. Thanks to all of our beta testers, the fine folks at WMFO, WZBC, WHRB, WMUA, and WMBR, Spinitron, Apple, Foxconn, and everyone's mothers.

25 Jan 2011: We're getting prepared to announce the first release of RadioBNC, a streaming audio app dedicated to Boston-area Noncommercial/College Radio.

RadioBNC makes it easy to tune in to your favorite shows and DJs, and to stay on top of new music and programming, from anywhere in the world, even in the infamous radio dead zones downtown!

Our beta testers say:

"Awesome! I mean "Wicked Awesome!" I love being able to check out what each of the stations have been playing." - Alison D.

"...much better than a regular radio. No ads on the air, no ads in the app, no stations I don't want to listen to. Rock on." - Peter C.

"The west coast has great weather and Thai food, but Boston has the best radio stations. Now all we need out here is a proper pizzeria, and I'll never have to think about freezing rain or the wind chill factor again!" - Brian H.

Available now!

Thanks tons to the folks at the radio stations for their help and hard work, and to Spinitron for providing most of the playlist and schedule data.

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